Brand Consistency is the Key to your Company's Success

Brand Identity

Before building brand consistency, you must know your brand’s identity. A brand identity is made up of what your brand’s values are, how you communicate internally and externally and the overall personality of your brand’s image to potential customers. Brand identity is the process of shaping an impression of what your customers think about you.

Creating a strong brand identity is extremely important for any business, as it:

– Acts as a visual representation of your brands personality

– Helps to differentiate your brand from competitors and position your brand in the market

– Activates brand awareness

– Creates loyalty and trust between a client and a company

– Allows a company to create a consistent message across all marketing collateral and platforms

Brand identity is a crucial component in your businesses future sales and reputation. Give this informative blog post a read on building a brand identity: https://www.crowdspring.com/blog/brand-identity/

Consistency is the Key to Brand Success

When we see/hear meerkats on our TV’s, we instantly know it’s comparethemarket.com. Or when you hear the jingle for ‘Every little helps’, we instantly recognise that as Tesco. These brands have achieved instant recognition amongst their audiences through exceptional and valuable brand consistency.

Being consistent in your brand marketing approach helps clients get to know you better and faster. It also helps your staff, as once they know your brand’s purpose, they will know how this is to be communicated externally.

A consistent brand becomes a recognisable brand. Your customers should know the personality of your brand immediately, and be able to differentiate you from your competitors. When a customer begins to see your brand consistently this will lead them to trust the brand more.

An inconsistent brand will make the customer feel lost and sceptical about you; which will result in your brand finding it harder to build relationships with loyal customers.

This leads to brand consistency being a pillar of building trust between you and your customer. When you have a clear and consistent brand message, customers will have a positive expectation of the products and interactions they will have with you.

Being consistent and vocal about your brand message and identity is a unique way to differentiate you from the competition. You are focusing on what makes you stand out. The more you communicate your brand message the more it will be lodged in the minds of customers. Consistent branding helps you create and manage the story behind your brand.

An Integrated Marketing Approach

Here at The Smart Group, we understand that your brand is a representation of who you are as a business, and how you wish to be perceived. Our creative team will manage your brand, ensuring consistency of design and most of all consistency of your brand message. We immerse ourselves in your brand; becoming an extension of your marketing team.

The key to our success in ensuring brand consistency is that we manage all touchpoints of your marketing campaign. There is no need to get design work completed with one agency and then go to another production house to produce your video content – our team of graphic and digital designers do it all inhouse, as an integrated team. By keeping your campaign within the one company, this reduces the possibility of inconsistencies arising.

Get in touch with Aoife Gainsford, Head of Creative Services, for more information on how our creative team can improve your marketing collateral: aoife@thesmartgroup.ie

Niamh Dee

Digital Marketing Intern