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A modern refresh for an Irish tech company


ADC Barcode


ADC Barcode is an Irish owned technology company, involved in the supply of barcode scanning, demand label printing, custom software and the manufacture of consumables. ADC has a dedicated Customer Service Team, who have significant product knowledge and experience. ADC also have a significant investment in label production equipment with their manufacturing plant producing a wide range of custom label designs.

The Brief

ADC Barcode were in need for a brand refresh that aligned them with their competitors and the clients they were acquiring or aimed to acquire in the future. With projects under their belt with tech giants such as Facebook, Google and Amazon, ADC Barcode needed a modern refresh that emphasized their expertise and forward thinking. Once the branding was complete, it was our task to then align the website to the new brand.


The Approach

The updated branding was created to resonate the legacy of the existing logo, where the icon was a dominant element of the design, alongside the ADC Barcode name. We simplified the existing logo by streamlining the lines of the barcode and keeping the logo to two colours. In day-to-day speech the company is often referred to as ADC, so we made these letters prominent within our logo. The box symbol lends itself to the creation of a brand pattern which we utilised on the website. The colour scheme is aimed at evoking feelings of a strong presence, trust, loyalty, a well ground business, and knowledge.


In updating the website, it was a crucial to streamline the products that featured on the site. The main CTA for users is to pick up the phone to speak to a member of staff. At all points of the user journey this was the goal we had in mind when designing.


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