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The launch of a sleek storage system and grab rail




Revo is a multifunctional bathroom storage system and shower rail that acts as a steadying hand for all shower users without compromising style. It was designed to address the changing demographics of our times and the resulting needs; people are living longer and co-habitation of multiple generations.

The Brief

MERLYN approached The Smart Group to produce a video to advertise Revo, along with taking product photography to be utilized in an accompanying brochure. The over-arching goals was to advertise a highly functional yet desirable product that enhances any space it’s in.

The Approach

The Smart Group managed everything from styling og the set to copywriting and casting. It was important for us to cast talent that echoed the multi-generational appeal of Revo. In the video, we capture a young girl who is learning to shower for the first time. Through the encouragement of her mother, the comfort of her small teddy bear, and the discreet support of Revo, we see her grow confident in showering. The mother in the video is pregnant and this again echoes the multi-generational appeal of the product. In the video, we also see grandparents and an injured sports player.

In both the video and product photography for the brochure, we show Revo in a number of different states to highlight its versatility. The adjustable height means this versatile system has been engineered to suit people of all sizes. The modular containers can sit on the dedicated arm or on the handrail to perfectly suit peoples’ needs. Multi configurations allow users to design their shower storage to work the way they want it to.

The Smart Group brought an outline of an idea to a professional and impactful final production. The final cut hit all of our objectives and was on message and on brand. From styling to casting, every detail chosen by the creative team led to this projects’ success.

Michelle Molloy

Marketing Executive

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