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Raising awareness of atrial fibrillation and stroke through H.A.R.V




H.A.R.V stands for Holographic Augmented Reality Videogram, and he is a friendly character created by Pfizer to raise awareness of Atrial Fibrillation (AF) and Stroke. Patient empowerment is important but equipping them with the correct information is key; especially with all the ‘fake news’ around. 3D videos were created where HARV travels inside the human body to show the general public how AF affects the body.

The Brief

The Smart Group we’re tasked with designing a website to house the 3D video content and general information about the illness. Pfizer required a brand identity for HARV and a marketing strategy to drive their key target audiences to the website.

The Approach

There were three personas decided upon for the marketing campaign: Under 65’s, Over 65’s, and Healthcare Professionals. Due to the hidden symptoms of AF, we wanted to make Over 65’s aware of the dangers and urge them to get checked if they suspect an irregular or fast heartbeat. Under 65’s were targeted to make them think of their loved ones who are in the older category, and then Healthcare Professional were targeted because HARV is an excellent video to show newly diagnosed AF patients.

Month 1 on social media, we focused on general awareness. We created short-format video content for LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. We also created carousel ads, display banners for target-audience relevant websites, and a print ad for a newspapers.


Month 2 we explored a number of social media pools for Facebook, Instagram Stories, and Twitter. These proved to be very successful and received a lot engagement. We also created a shortened teaser video of the main HARV 360 video on the website, to entice people to click through to view the content in its entirety.



The overall campaign actions (clicks & video views) were very high. Total clicks were 69,306 and total video views were 82,486. There was a total of 8,779 visits to between May and August 2021.

Facebook and Instagram accounted for the highest no. of clicks and video views. The CTR for LinkedIn was higher than the industry average (0.58% VS 0.47%). By analyzing month-on-month stats, we increased click-throughs by a massive 167%.

Phase 1 (Awareness Stage) actions: 42,600 vs Phase 2 (Engagement Stage) Actions: 113,963.

This is likely a result of the question polls in phase 2 which generated a lot of engagement: FB and Insta polls combined: 434,879 impressions & 15,272 clicks.

Group 386
The Smart Group are a valued partner to Pfizer. They deliver eye-catching campaigns with well thought our creative content, and always impressed with their positive attitude and passion. For our most recent HARV project, they delivered a high-performing campaign that proved successful across all demographics. I highly recommend The Smart Group team for all creative campaigns.
Finn Lyons
Country Brand Lead Cardiology

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