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Car showrooms are examples of the world’s most professionally designed retail environments. To protect their brand equity, global car brands impose strict rules and the highest standards on how their models are displayed. This is the environment in which the Windsor Motor Group, one of Ireland’s largest networks of car dealerships, has to compete.

The Brief

When Windsor Motor Group decided to upgrade its brand identity across the entire network, the challenge was a huge one. Not only had an identity need to be created that could complete with globally recognised brands, but it had to be rolled out efficiently – and with minimum disruption.

The Approach

The most important aspect of a project like this is to create a comprehensive brand identity manual. To ensure consistency, this ‘brand bible’ explains in minute detail how the new brand works and how it should be applied in showrooms across Ireland. In reality, this means every element of interior and exterior signage design, internal and external branding plus marketing collateral has to be considered.

Working with the client, The Smart Group engaged in extensive market research, analysed the competitive environment and developed a strategic approach.

Continuing to work in partnership, The Smart Group is now focused on ensuring that the Windsor Motor Group copper-fastens its position as a brand leader among Irish car dealers. The quality of their marketing collateral will reinforce this and sends a clear signal of quality and professionalism to the market.

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